The PS-9X is a power adapter capable of powering a
    complete pedal board
and is designed to work with any
    equipment that uses one of the following adapters:

  • Boss PSA
  • Boss ACA
  • DOD PS-200R
  • Danelectro DA-1
  • Dunlop ECB-03
  • Morley 9V
  • Ibanez AC-109
  • Zoom AD-0006
  • Fulltone FPS-1


  • Handles from one to over a dozen guitar pedals
    (1000mA max)
  • Use with optional multi-plug cable(s) for powering
    more than one pedal.
  • Optional inexpensive 4, 6, and 8 plug GV-x cable is perfect for pedal boards.
  • GV-x cables can easily interconnect with one another.

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